How To Install Mods In Assetto Corsa - The Complete Beginners Guide

How To Install Mods In Assetto Corsa – The Complete Beginners Guide

Did you know that Assetto Corsa, the popular racing simulation game, has a vibrant modding community with thousands of mods available? If you’re looking to enhance your gaming experience and take it to the next level, installing mods in Assetto Corsa is the way to go. In this complete beginner’s guide, we will walk you through the process step-by-step, making it easy for you to customize your game to your liking.

From adding new cars and tracks to improving graphics and physics, mods offer endless possibilities. You’ll be able to race in iconic locations, drive your dream cars, and even compete in fantasy races. With the help of this guide, you’ll become a pro at installing mods in no time.

But where can you find these mods? Are they free or paid? What are the best mods out there? We will answer all these questions and more, ensuring that you have all the information you need to dive into the exciting world of Assetto Corsa mods.

So let’s get started and unlock a whole new level of racing fun!

Why Would You Even Install Assetto Corsa Mods?

So, why would you even bother installing Assetto Corsa mods? Well, these mods can inject a much-needed dose of freshness and excitement into the game. They allow you to race in the latest cars, explore new tracks, and even enhance the game’s visuals and weather effects.

Assetto Corsa has been around for quite some time now, and while the base game is great, mods can take it to a whole new level. Imagine being able to race in a 2022 Formula 1 car, experiencing the thrill of driving the latest technology on iconic tracks. Mods make this possible by adding new cars that have been released in the real world since the game’s launch.

You can also expand your track selection, giving you the opportunity to compete in full GT3 championships or explore new, challenging circuits. But mods aren’t just about adding new content. They can also enhance the game’s visuals and weather effects. With mods like the popular Sol mod, you can enjoy a fully dynamic weather system, adding a new level of realism to your races.

Custom Shaders Patch is another mod that improves the graphical fidelity of the game, bringing it on par with modern racing games. Installing mods in Assetto Corsa is relatively straightforward and opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for new challenges or a newcomer wanting to enhance your gaming experience, mods are a fantastic way to keep the game fresh and exciting.

Installing Assetto Corsa Mods

When it comes to installing Assetto Corsa mods, there are two main methods to consider:

  1. Using the Content Manager: The Content Manager is a popular tool that simplifies the process of installing and managing mods. It is ideal for beginners and experienced players alike. With the Content Manager, you can easily browse and download mods from various sources, and the tool takes care of the installation process for you. It also provides additional features such as mod organization, automatic updates, and compatibility checks.
  2. Installing mods without the Content Manager: If you prefer a more hands-on approach or want to experiment with different mods, you can also install them manually without the Content Manager. This method requires you to download the mod files from trusted sources and place them in the appropriate folders within the Assetto Corsa game directory. While this method gives you more control over your mod installation process, it requires a bit more technical knowledge and can be time-consuming, especially when dealing with multiple mods.

Both methods have their advantages, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference and the level of control you desire over your mod installation process.

Installing Assetto Corsa Mods WITH The Content Manager

To download and install AC Content Manager, visit the official website and download the latest version. Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Next, go to a trusted modding website and browse their collection of mods. Download the ones you like to your computer.

Open Content Manager and go to the ‘Mods’ tab. Click on ‘Install’ and select the mod files you downloaded. After that, click on ‘Activate’ to enable the mods.

Launch the game and test your newly installed mods. Enjoy the enhanced experience!

1) Downloading And Installing AC Content Manager

Downloading and installing AC Content Manager is a breeze, and it opens up a whole new world of features and customization for Assetto Corsa enthusiasts.

After downloading and unzipping the software, simply install it and launch it.

Upon the first boot, you’ll be prompted to locate your Assetto Corsa directory. If you’re unsure of its location, you can find it in your Steam library by right-clicking on Assetto Corsa and selecting ‘Manage’ followed by ‘Browse Local Files.’

Find And Download The Mods You Like

Once you’ve discovered the mods that catch your eye, RaceDepartment is your ultimate treasure trove waiting to be explored.

With a free account, you can start downloading mods right away. Remember, when you download a mod from Race Department, it will be in a zip folder, so don’t unzip it yet.

Additionally, consider checking out other reputable sites like, which offers some awesome paid mods for Assetto Corsa.

Happy mod hunting!

Install Your Mod(s) Using Content Manager

To install your mod(s) using Content Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Open up Content Manager and locate the mod you downloaded using Windows Explorer.
  2. Simply drag and drop the zip file for your mod anywhere in Content Manager.
  3. Watch as Content Manager unzips and installs the mod seamlessly.
  4. No need to restart the application, the mod will be accessible immediately.

Prepare to enhance your Assetto Corsa experience with these mods:

  • Improved graphics for a more immersive racing experience
  • Realistic car models and liveries for a true-to-life feel
  • New tracks and circuits for endless racing possibilities
  • Enhanced sound effects to fully immerse yourself in the race
  • Additional features and gameplay tweaks to customize your experience.

Test Your Mod And Have Fun

Experience the thrill of racing with your newly installed mods and enjoy testing them out for endless fun on the track.

Once you have installed your mods using Content Manager, it’s time to take them for a spin.

Launch Assetto Corsa and select the car, track, or livery you installed.

Explore the features and performance of your modded content, pushing it to the limit and immersing yourself in the exhilaration of virtual racing.

Installing Assetto Corsa Mods WITHOUT The Content Manager

To install Assetto Corsa mods without using Content Manager, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Locate your Assetto Corsa folder on your computer.
  2. Search for and download the mods you’re interested in from trusted websites.
  3. Unzip and extract the mod files.
  4. Copy and paste the mod files into the appropriate folder within your Assetto Corsa directory.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to install mods in Assetto Corsa without relying on Content Manager.

Find Your Assetto Corsa Folder

To find your Assetto Corsa folder, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Steam app and go to Steam > Settings > Download.
  2. Click on the “Steam Library Folders” button.
  3. The Steam storage manager will open, displaying the installation path for all your games.
  4. Look for the folder named “assettocorsa” inside the “common” folder. This is where you’ll find your main install location for Assetto Corsa.

Make sure to double-check the “common” folder for the “assettocorsa” folder.

Find And Download The Mods You Like

Once you’ve located your Assetto Corsa folder, it’s time to dive into the exciting world of finding and downloading the mods you love. To make the process easier, here’s a comprehensive guide to get you started:

Mod WebsitesDescription
RaceDepartmentA popular website with a vast collection of mods, categorized for easy browsing. Offers both free and premium mods.
Assetto Corsa ClubAnother great resource for mods, with a user-friendly interface and a wide range of options.
Steam WorkshopIf you prefer a more streamlined experience, check out the Steam Workshop for an extensive selection of mods.
ForumsAssetto Corsa forums like the official Kunos forum or sim racing community forums are great places to discover new mods and get recommendations from fellow enthusiasts.

By exploring these sources, you’ll find a plethora of mods to enhance your Assetto Corsa experience. Remember to read user reviews and check compatibility before downloading. Happy modding!

Unzip And Extract Your Mod(s)

When you have your downloads folder open, it’s time to dive into the exciting world of unzipping and extracting your mods.

To begin, locate the mod zip file that you downloaded. Right-click on the file and select ‘Extract All’ or a similar option.

Choose a destination folder where you want the mod files to be extracted.

Once the extraction is complete, you will have access to the mod files needed for installation.

Copy/Paste Your Mod In The Folder

To add your mod to your game, follow these steps:

  1. Transfer the mod files into the corresponding folders in your Assetto Corsa installation directory. You can drag and drop the folders directly from your mod file or copy and paste them.
  2. Make sure you are copying them into the correct location within the installation folder. If prompted to overwrite existing files, it is usually safe to do so. However, always refer to the installation instructions or readme file for guidance.
  3. If you’re unsure, you can create a backup of your entire Assetto Corsa folder or individual files.
  4. If the mod doesn’t have a content folder, navigate further into your installation folder to find the appropriate location.

Remember to always refer to the installation instructions or readme file provided with the mod for specific guidance.

Where Can You Find Assetto Corsa Mods?

If you’re looking for Assetto Corsa mods, there are three main places you can find them.

First, there are various mods websites that offer a wide range of mods for the game, allowing you to enhance your experience with new cars, tracks, and other features.

Additionally, RaceDepartment is a highly recommended resource for Assetto Corsa mods. They have thousands of pages filled with popular mods across different categories.

Lastly, YouTube is another valuable platform where you can find tutorials and showcases of different mods. This can help you decide which ones to install and how to do it properly.

Mods Websites

Visit to find a wide variety of mods for Assetto Corsa that will enhance your gaming experience. This website is a popular destination for sim racing enthusiasts looking to customize their game with new cars, tracks, and other modifications. The site offers a user-friendly interface where you can easily browse and download mods for Assetto Corsa. The mods available on are created by a community of talented modders who strive to deliver high-quality content. The website also provides a rating system and user reviews, allowing you to see the popularity and quality of each mod before downloading. Whether you’re looking for realistic car models, accurate track reproductions, or even new game features, is the go-to source for all your Assetto Corsa modding needs.

racedepartment.comA popular website for Assetto Corsa mods, offering a wide variety of content created by a community of talented modders. The site features a user-friendly interface, rating system, and user reviews.
assettocorsa.clubAnother website dedicated to Assetto Corsa mods, providing a range of mods including cars, tracks, and game features. The site allows users to easily search and download mods.
acmods.netA comprehensive collection of Assetto Corsa mods, including cars, tracks, and utilities. The site offers a simple and intuitive interface for browsing and downloading mods.
acdriftingpro.comA website specifically focused on drifting mods for Assetto Corsa. The site features a wide selection of drift cars and tracks, as well as tutorials and resources for drift enthusiasts. forums section of dedicated to Assetto Corsa mods. Here, users can find discussions, support, and updates for various mods.

Our Website

Our website offers a comprehensive platform for sim racing enthusiasts. It allows you to explore and enhance your gaming experience with a range of customizations and modifications.

We understand the passion and dedication of the Assetto Corsa community. That’s why we have created a user-friendly AC Mods section dedicated to providing the best mods available.

On our website, you will find a vast collection of mods, including cars, tracks, and additional features. These mods can take your racing experience to the next level.

To ensure quality and compatibility, all the mods on our website are thoroughly tested and vetted by our experienced team.

With our website, browsing and downloading mods is easy. We also provide detailed installation guides to help you seamlessly integrate them into your Assetto Corsa game.

Join our community of sim racing enthusiasts and unlock a world of endless possibilities.


Now that you’ve explored our website and gained some knowledge about installing mods in Assetto Corsa, it’s time to delve into the world of YouTube. YouTube is a treasure trove of information and tutorials when it comes to modding in Assetto Corsa. 

There are countless channels dedicated to this topic, offering step-by-step guides, reviews, and showcases of different mods. By watching these videos, you can visually follow along with the process and gain a better understanding of how to install mods effectively.

Additionally, YouTube allows you to interact with content creators and ask any questions you may have. It’s a fantastic resource for beginners looking to enhance their Assetto Corsa experience. 

What Are The Best Assetto Corsa Mods?

When it comes to the best Assetto Corsa mods, you have a wide range of options to enhance your gaming experience.

Additional apps provide useful tools and features such as telemetry data, timing screens, and virtual mirrors.

Car and skin mods allow you to add new vehicles to the game, each with its own unique characteristics and designs.

Track mods offer a variety of new circuits to race on, from iconic real-world tracks to fictional creations.

Game mods can also introduce gameplay changes, such as improved physics or enhanced AI behavior.

With these mods, you can truly tailor Assetto Corsa to your preferences and take your racing experience to the next level.

Additional Apps

To enhance your Assetto Corsa experience, you can easily install additional apps that provide various functionalities and features beyond the base game. These mods expand the capabilities of Assetto Corsa by adding new apps that offer a wide range of features.

For example, you can install apps that add visor graphics, HUD overlays, and new timing screens. These apps allow you to customize your racing experience and provide valuable information during races, such as lap times, fuel levels, and tire temperatures.

By installing these additional apps, you can tailor Assetto Corsa to your specific preferences and gain a competitive edge on the track. With the multitude of mods available, you can truly enhance your racing experience and make Assetto Corsa feel like a whole new game.

Car and Skin Mods

Enhance your racing experience by adding custom car and skin mods to transform your favorite cars into unique, eye-catching masterpieces on the track.

Installing car mods in Assetto Corsa is a straightforward process. These mods are custom models with their own driving physics and sounds, providing a realistic and immersive driving experience. To install a car mod, simply download the mod file and place it in the appropriate folder within the game’s installation directory.

Skin mods, on the other hand, allow you to customize the appearance of your vehicles. They provide new liveries for existing or downloaded cars, offering endless possibilities to personalize your cars in Assetto Corsa. Whether you prefer historical liveries, fantasy designs, or replicas of real-world racing liveries, skin mods allow you to create a truly unique look for your cars.

Track Mods

If you’re craving a more diverse and expansive race experience, track mods are the key to unlocking a world of new and exciting circuits in Assetto Corsa. With the original game offering less than 20 tracks, it’s easy to feel limited in your racing options. But fear not, because track mods are here to save the day.

Installing these mods is a relatively simple process that can greatly enhance your gameplay. Here’s how to do it:

  • Find a reputable mod website or forum that offers track mods for Assetto Corsa.
  • Download the desired track mod files onto your computer.
  • Open the Assetto Corsa installation folder, typically found in the Steam directory.
  • Locate the ‘content’ folder and open it.
  • Inside the ‘content’ folder, you’ll find a sub-folder named ‘tracks.’ Open it.
  • Copy and paste the downloaded track mod files into the ‘tracks’ folder.
  • Launch Assetto Corsa and navigate to the track selection menu.
  • You should now see the newly installed track mods available for selection.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to enjoy a wider variety of tracks in Assetto Corsa, expanding your racing experience and adding a new level of excitement to your gameplay.

So go ahead, dive into the world of track mods, and discover the thrilling circuits that await you.

Game Mods

Immerse yourself in an electrifying world of endless possibilities by exploring the vast realm of game mods for Assetto Corsa.

With these mods, you can enhance your gaming experience by adding new cars, tracks, and features to the game.

Installing game mods in Assetto Corsa is a relatively straightforward process that allows you to customize and personalize your gameplay.

To begin, you’ll need to download the desired mod from a trusted source. Once downloaded, you’ll extract the files and place them in the appropriate folders within the game’s directory.

Don’t forget to enable the mod in the game’s launcher.

From there, you can enjoy the thrill of racing with new vehicles, mastering challenging tracks, and unlocking a world of possibilities.

So, buckle up and get ready to take your Assetto Corsa experience to new heights with game mods.

Free vs Paid Mods

When it comes to Assetto Corsa mods, you have the option to choose between free and paid mods.

Free mods are created by the community and are available for download at no cost. These mods are a great way to enhance your gameplay experience without spending any money.

On the other hand, paid mods are created by professional modders and usually offer more advanced features and higher quality. These mods often come with a price tag but can provide a more immersive and realistic experience for dedicated players.

Ultimately, the choice between free and paid mods depends on your personal preferences and budget.

Free Assetto Corsa Mods

One popular option for adding new content to Assetto Corsa is by downloading and installing free mods. These mods are created by the community and can range from new cars and tracks to updated graphics and gameplay features.

Here are two reasons why free mods are a great choice:

  • Variety: With free mods, you have access to a wide array of content that might not be available in the official game. From classic cars to fictional tracks, there is something for every racing enthusiast.
  • Customization: Free mods allow you to customize your game to your liking. You can choose from different car models, tweak physics settings, and even create your own tracks. This level of customization adds depth and personalization to your gameplay experience.

Downloading and installing free mods is relatively straightforward. Once you find a mod you like, simply download it, extract the files, and place them in the correct folders within the Assetto Corsa directory. Remember to always follow the mod creator’s instructions for installation to ensure compatibility and functionality.

Paid Assetto Corsa Mods

Discover the next level of realism and excitement in your racing experience with paid mods for Assetto Corsa. These mods are created by professional developers and provide a high level of quality and detail that can greatly enhance your gameplay. 

With paid mods, you can expect a wide range of new cars, tracks, and other features that are not available in the base game. These mods often come with additional customization options, improved physics, and realistic graphics that make the game feel even more immersive. 

While free mods are a great way to expand your game, investing in paid mods can take your racing experience to a whole new level. 

Investing in paid mods can greatly enhance your Assetto Corsa gameplay, providing you with new and exciting content that will keep you entertained for hours.

Troubleshooting and Optimizing AC Mods

If you want your Assetto Corsa mods to run flawlessly and reach peak performance, you simply can’t ignore these troubleshooting and optimization tips.

To ensure a smooth experience, make sure to:

  • Keep your game and mods updated to the latest versions. Outdated mods can cause compatibility issues or crashes.
  • Have a powerful enough PC to handle the added graphical enhancements and processing demands of mods. Check your computer’s specifications and compare them to the recommended requirements for the mods you want to install.

When troubleshooting:

  • Check for conflicts between mods. Some mods may not work well together or have conflicting files. Remove any problematic mods and test them one by one to identify the issue.
  • Look for missing or corrupted files. Double-check that you have downloaded all the necessary files and that they are intact before installing a mod.

To optimize your mods:

  • Adjust the graphics settings to find the right balance between visual quality and performance. Lowering the graphics settings can reduce lag and stuttering.
  • Use third-party software like Content Manager to manage your mods more efficiently. It allows you to enable or disable mods easily and provides additional features for better performance.
  • Keep your PC clean from unnecessary background processes and regularly defragment your hard drive to improve overall performance.

By following these troubleshooting and optimization tips, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience with your Assetto Corsa mods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use mods in multiplayer mode in Assetto Corsa?

Yes, you can use mods in multiplayer mode in Assetto Corsa. However, it is important to note that all players in the multiplayer session must have the same mods installed to ensure compatibility and avoid issues.

Are there any limitations or restrictions when using mods in Assetto Corsa?

Yes, there are limitations and restrictions when using mods in Assetto Corsa. Some mods may not be compatible with the current version of the game or may cause conflicts with other mods. It’s important to carefully research and test mods before using them.

Can I uninstall or remove mods from Assetto Corsa?

Yes, you can uninstall or remove mods from Assetto Corsa. Simply locate the mod files in the game directory and delete them. Remember to also remove any corresponding mod-related files to ensure a clean removal.

Do mods affect the performance or stability of Assetto Corsa?

Mods can indeed affect the performance and stability of Assetto Corsa. Poorly optimized mods can lead to crashes and decreased performance. It is important to choose mods from trusted sources and regularly update them to ensure a smooth experience.

Are there any risks or potential issues associated with downloading and installing mods for Assetto Corsa?

When downloading and installing mods for Assetto Corsa, there are potential risks and issues to consider. These include compatibility problems, performance issues, and the potential for malware or other security threats. It is important to research and use reputable sources for mods to minimize these risks.


In conclusion, installing mods in Assetto Corsa can greatly enhance your gaming experience. This allows you to access new tracks, cars, and other exciting features. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily find and install mods from reputable sources.

Whether you choose to explore free or paid mods, it’s important to consider your preferences and budget. Don’t forget to troubleshoot and optimize your mods to ensure smooth gameplay.

For example, a user named John installed a mod that added a highly realistic McLaren P1 to the game. This provided him with an immersive driving experience like never before.

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