The Best Assetto Corsa Drift Settings For A Fanatec Wheel

The Best Assetto Corsa Drift Settings For A Fanatec Wheel

First off let me start by saying there are no “best” drift settings in Assetto Corsa, because while you may find you drift better with force feedback set to max, your friend may like it better when it is set to 50%.

But there are of course general settings that are ideal for drifting in AC if you own a Fanatec wheel, and you can always tweak these settings to your liking.

Important drift settings in Assetto Corsa

If you’re new to SIM drifting or you’ve just purchased a Fanatec wheelbase, then these settings will help you a lot. It also helps while playing to go into the settings and put individual settings up and down to feel how they influence the dynamics and the flow of the car, and then tune it to your liking.

NFR and NDP settings for drifting in Assetto Corsa

Some important things to know are the NFR and NDP.

The NFR in Assetto Corsa stands for Natural Friction and what it does is it helps with the weight of the steering setting. It can make your steering heavier or lighter depending on your settings. Think of this setting as the power steering in your real car.

The “ideal” NFR setting for drifting in AC (Assetto Corsa) is setting it to 2%.

The NDP in AC stands for Natural Damper and this setting helps stiffen or loosen the dampers. For drifting, you want to turn it up from the original setting. The best NDP setting for drifting in Assetto Corsa is 18%.

The best drift settings in Assetto Corsa (for Fanatec)

Below you will find the settings you need to change in AC. These are not set in stone and you can tweak them to your liking.

Force Feedback (FF)95%
Force Feedback Simulates (FFS):MAX
Natural Damper (NDP)18%
Natural Friction (NFR)2%
Sense Of Speed (SEN)900
Damper (DPR)100%
Spring (SPR)100%
InterPolation (INT):2
Natural Inertia (NIN):15%
Force Effects Intensity (FEI):100

All other settings can be left on DEFAULT.

All effects can be turned off.

Happy drifting.

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