Assetto Corsa No Hesi Traffic Server setup

Assetto Corsa No Hesi Traffic Server – The Ultimate Setup Guide For Beginners!

Do you want to swerve through dense traffic and you’ve read or heard that the No Hesi traffic servers are the best way to do that? Well, you heard right and today I will show you step-by-step and in detail how to do that.

There is so much (miss) information online about how to join or set up the No Hesi servers that I decided to create this ultimate guide, let’s jump straight in.

What do you need to race on the No Hesi servers?

The first thing to note is that you can ONLY race on the No Hesi servers if you have a PC, you CAN’T join if you are on console. The servers are only for PC.

When you join a server your PC needs to render and load ALL the cars on that traffic server, and there are quite a few cars so you need somewhat of a good PC to handle it.

I have read some seriously wrong info online about the specs needed to run on the No Hesi servers, from ridiculous RAM numbers to needing a 3060 graphics card at least to be able to play.

Let me debunk that myth right now and show you my PC’s specs. I play on the No Hesi servers without a problem. I have an RTX 1060 ROG graphics card and 8 gigs of RAM. My PC is hooked to a 55” 4K tv. So as you can see anything above a 1060 card with 8 gigs of RAM will do just fine to tear up the No Hesi traffic servers. Anything above a 1060 graphics card will perform just great.

PC Specs For The No Hesi Server
you can ONLY race on the No Hesi servers if you have a PC

Another thing to note is that it’s completely free to join and race on the No Hesi traffic servers, the only cost involved is buying Assetto Corsa. You need Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition because you need ALL DLCs. But Steam often time has huge discounts on the Ultimate Editon. You can see if it’s on sale now by clicking HERE. At the time of writing it’s 50% Off.

You can drive with a keyboard but for the best and most realistic experience, you need a wheel & pedals.

To install and use the mods for the No Hesi servers you need the Assetto Corsa content manager. It’s free software, that has a paid version as well. 

So to sum up: To race on the No Hesi servers you need: a PC, Preferably a wheel and pedals, Assetto Corsa “Ultimate Edition”, Content manager, and SOL.

If you haven’t already you can download the content manager HERE.

And you can download SOL HERE.

Step 1: Join The Discord

To be able to access the No Hesi servers you need to be a member of the No Hesi Discord (it’s free).

You can join by clicking THIS LINK.

No Hesi Discord
No Hesi Discord

Once in the Discord server, you need to verify yourself, and that’s it, you are now a member of the No Hesi crew, congrats.

Step 2 Download & Install The No Hesi Server Content

Once you join go to the downloads section and download all the SRP content. SRP stands for Shutoko Revival Project, which is a clone of the Japanese Shutoko highway.

So you download the SRP map itself (at the bottom of the page) and all the “public car updates”.

Once you downloaded everything, there are 2 ways you can install this content. 

Install Method 1: 

You can unzip the zipped Track you downloaded and drag & drop it into your Assetto Corsa “tracks” folder, and the cars packs need to be copied to the “cars” folder.

You can find these folders if you navigate to your STEAM folder which is usually located at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa. from there find the folders “cars” and “tracks” and paste the unzipped cars pack files and the SRP track.

Install Method 2: 

You can also install the files directly from the content manager. If you drag and drop the downloaded files into the content manager you will see a blinking yellow arrow in the top right corner, if you click on that it will ask you to install it.

install tracks & cars from No Hesi in Content Manager
How to install tracks & cars from No Hesi in Content Manager

Just click the install button and that’s it, the track or car(s) you dragged and dropped will now be installed.

And that’s it, you can now start swerving through traffic on the No Hesi servers.

Step 3 Join The No Hesi Server

Once you did all the above steps you are ready to tear up the Shutoko highway and show your skills. In the discord you go to “Server Links” and then you click on “SRP”. There is also FDR and VIP but you need to pay for the FDR track and also for a VIP membership, that’s why I haven’t included them in this No Hesi beginners guide.

Next, you need to choose a server. You can choose between US, EU, and OCEANIA No Hesi servers. It doesn’t matter where you live, you can pick any server. It has to have available slots however because when it says 18/18 it means the server is full, just pick another one in that case.

US, EU, and OCEANIA No Hesi servers
US No Hesi servers

There is also a JDM and a V-TEC No Hesi server, where you can drive JDM cars and V-TEC cars.

Once you click on the “click here to connect” text, a browser window will open and you need to click “JOIN”

Next, you will see what car(s) are still available to drive on the server, pick one and click the green “JOIN” button.

Now the server will load all the cars and traffic. Depending on your PC specs this will take 15 seconds to 2 minutes.

Once loaded you will go to the PITS and you are ready to go and bully the AI traffic.


There are some questions that I get asked a lot so instead of answering them separately I will answer them here for all to read:

Do I really need to pay for the ultimate edition of Assetto Corsa to play on the No Hesi Servers?

YES, you need the Assetto Corsa ultimate edition to play on the No Hesi servers. I didn’t make the rules. But luckily Steam has regular sales where AC Ultimate Edition is on sale for 50%

Do I need to pay for the content manager?

No, you don’t need the paid version of the content manager to play on the No Hesi servers. Although you can donate anything you want to unlock the full version, which is awesome it’s not required.

I click join on the No Hesi server and I get the message “Can’t connect to the server”, what is wrong?

That means that the server is full. Sometimes you join a server that has 15/18 slots so 3 open slots but by the time you click join, it’s already full. In that case, you need to join another No Hesi server

Can you play Assetto Corsa no HESI on Xbox?

NO, you cannot enter the No Hesi servers on console, only on PC.

Can you play Assetto Corsa no HESI on PS4?

NO, you cannot enter the No Hesi servers on consoles like PS4 and XBOX, only on PC.

Do I need to download No Hesi?

No, the No Hesi server is an online server, you only need to download the tracks and the car packs.

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