Are curved monitors better for sim racing

Are curved monitors better for sim racing?

Curved monitors can be beneficial for sim racing as they can provide a more immersive and realistic racing experience. The curved screen creates a wider field of view and a more natural viewing angle, which can help to reduce eye strain and improve overall visibility. Additionally, the curve of the screen can help to reduce glare and reflections, making it easier to see the track and other cars during bright and sunny conditions.

The curved monitors also provide a more natural and realistic view of the track and can help to simulate the peripheral vision that drivers have in real-life racing, which can improve the sense of immersion and realism.

However, it’s worth noting that curved monitors can be more expensive than flat monitors and can have a limited viewing angle. Additionally, not all players may find the curved monitors comfortable to use, and it may take some time to adjust to the new viewing experience. It’s important for each player to test and evaluate for themselves if the curved monitor provides a better experience for them.

I started Sim racing with triple flat monitors, and it was fine as a starter setup, but after I switched to triple curved monitors I noticed that the games were more immersive and I had better viewing angles. They were more expensive than my flat monitors but they were worth the money.

In summary, curved monitors can be beneficial for sim racing but it’s not a must-have and it’s ultimately a personal preference.

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